Lions Club of Drouin Inc.

Current Board of Directors

President: Mike Thorne
Immediate Past President: Mike Thorne
Secretary: Pam Sharman
Treasurer: Don Sinclair
Vice Presidents:
1st VP: Tim Rothberg 
1st Assistant: 
2nd VP: Wes Goodwin
2nd Assistant: Max Mitchell
3rd VP: Tony Kelly
3rd Assistant: Glynn Goss
Membership Chairman: Erika Wassenberg
Lion Tamer: 
Tail Twister: Tim Hurst/Mike Dickson
1st Year Directors: Rob Brown, Murray Gardiner, Craig Tresise
2nd Year Directors: Ron Cottier, Ros Ough, Richard Carlson

Licola Chairman: Mike Thorne

CCSO- Club Child Safety Officer: Mike Thorne

LCIF Coordinator: Richard Carlson
Leo`s Liason Officer: Erika Wassenberg
Leo`s Sub Committee: Ros Ough and Don Sinclair